Slide background MamaCoca is here proposing its extensive information on coca and its derivatives.
Colombia’s history is closely linked to coca's struggle for its existence. Following are three chronological databases which trace the lasting social, political and environmental repercussions of the war on coca and cocaine in Colombia.

Mamacoca is :

MamaCoca is a Colombian environmental and human rights social organization active since 1998 and legally consolidated in France in 2003 under Loi 1901. MamaCoca, apart from being part of the International Drug-Policy Reform Movement, is also part of the wide “biodiverse” Colombian Environmental Movement which has been historically and actively committed to defending a silent devastated victim of Colombia’s Drug War: the Nation's’ natural resources.

The information posted by MamaCoca seeks to feed the "drug" debate from a documented and pluralist perspective. Through our advocacy and information we hope to contribute to fueling research and informing the design and implementation of public policies geared at conciliating environmental resiliency and sustainability with legal measures aimed at reducing coca growers and drug users' vulnerabilities.

MamaCoca is a statement.

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