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Fact Sheet
Effects of aerial fumigation in the municipalities of Guamués Valley and San Miguel, Putumayo
December 2000 February 20001

Bernardo Pérez Salazar

    A brief analysis of the evidence made available on the effects of aerial fumigation on the communities living in the Valle del Guamués and San Miguel in the Putumayo department. This study covers complaints of health hazards caused to these two communities and damages to the Guamués Valley's sources of productivity, namely, livestock and food crops.

    The exact proportion of what is sprayed by the National Police has not been revealed. However, Pérez points to Elsa Nivía Rapalmira's preliminary researches which would indicate that 58.5% of the mixture is made up of Roundup Ultra and here are some initial estimates regarding the mixture being used and its correlation with symptoms of illnesses such as breathing and intestinal disorders, fevers, abscesses and others.

    Complete paper in Spanish

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