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An astonished regard on adults' ability to destroy the Earth that shelters and feeds humanity.

Unfortunately Colombia's children cannot be kept out of the fratricide war that Colombia has been suffering for the past five decades. We the majority of Colombians were born, grew up and know no other country than the one that struggles in self-destruction, and Colombia’s non existent -internal conflict” (according to President Uribe)  keeps getting bloodier and more pervasive in our lives and acts. Our children observe and live this war as part of their daily lives. In the best of cases, those children that  have not yet suffered this war directly, “solely” suffer the war in their imaginary (they play at kidnapping; they dream of being cannon fodder: paramilitaries, guerrillas, and soldiers; and other games and dreams with no future in store …). As concerns the Uribe Administration’s feature war measure –fumigation- it touches one and all. This intense bombarding of the Colombian countryside with potent chemical mixtures affects us all since it pollutes everything the inhabitants of the country eat and drink. They tell us that they are bombing us with chemicals because the drug traffickers’ chemicals are contaminating the country... Nevertheless, this stupidity does not escape from children’s watchful eyes. This is why we are here presenting a series of drawings that reflect children’s incomprehension and how peasant children project through their drawings and words the illegitimacy of a government administration that attacks them and destroys their health, their food and their animals. 

Surely, this is how the Uribe administration will go down... in what it leaves of Colombian history. 

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