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A Moment of Silence

If you are still horrified by the events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, take ONE MINUTE of silence in memory of the close to 5,000 Americans, most of whom were civilians, who were killed by as yet unidentified, cowardly terrorists.

Now that you are silent, take another THIRTEEN MINUTES in memory of the  130,000 Iraqi civilians killed in 1991 by order of George Bush senior. Take time to remember that on that occasion Americans also celebrated, just as the Palestinians these days…

Now TWENTY MINUTES for the 200,000 Iranians killed by the Iraqis with guns and money provided to Saddam Hussein (still young at that time) by the same Americans who later launched all their artillery at him.

Another FIFTEEN MINUTES for the 150,000 Afghanis killed by the Taliban, also with arms and orders from the US, who created their organization and trained them with the CIA.

Take TEN MINUTES for the 100,000 Japanese killed directly or indirectly by the bombs dropped on Hiroshima andNagasaki, also a direct action of the great Eagle.

If you have done this, you have been silent for almost ONE HOUR (ONE MINUTE for all the Americans, and FIFTY EIGHT MINUTES for their victims.)

You would have to add the 150,000 civilians killed/disappeared in Chile under the Pinochet regime, which came to power with the help of the CIA and a military trained by American military.

If you’re still perplexed, give another hour for those killed in the Vietnam war (1,000,000, yes, a million dead Vietnamese), which is not an agreeable thing to mention to Americans.

Hopefully someone remembers the US bombardment of Baghdad, when 18,000 people died, not 5,000 like in the towers. Did someone see this on CNN or another channel? Did anyone ask for justice, or still worse, vengeance?

We hope that the Americans will begin to understand that they, too, are vulnerable, and that the tragedies that they have provoked are as barbaric and cowardly as that of others.

The DEAD of other countries are as painful as the US dead.


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