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On the 2nd of January 2001, in the city of Popayán, Departament of Cauca, Colombia, Floro Tunubalá, member of the indigenous Guambía community, was sworn in as Governor of the department. For the occasion, a toast was proposed with a drink prepared with Coca Leaves. The "Bloque Social Alternativo", a convergence of diverse social sectors which backed Floro's election, distributed the following text which Mama Coca wishes to present to its readers in homage to the age-old cultural valor which the indigenous peoples of this part of the Americas attribute to this Holy Plant "MAMÁ COCA", we join our peoples in their toast.


"In certain valleys between the mountains, the heat is marvelous and there grows an herb called Coca which the indigenous peoples value more than gold or silver. The virtue of this plant is that he who has these leaves in his mouth suffers neither hunger nor thirst."
The first Spanish chroniclers
MAMA COCA, today is a very important and beautiful day for the indigenous peoples of Colombia and America. For this reason, we wish to make known that which was once a daily occurrence; an age-old custom which served as spiritual and physical nourishment for the ancient inhabitants of our continent.

Today, MAMA COCA, we will once more remember this communion as you taught it to us, as the exaltation of what is ours and an expression of that which is sacred, informing the world that which is your curse, that those who use you powers towards individualistic and perverse ends, will suffer disgrace and death.

Today, MAMA COCA, soul of our peoples, expression of what we are, we remind White Peoples who have satanized and persecuted you arguing that your are part of a demonic ritual and, who in the robe of Modern Conquerors, persecute and plague you under the excuse of the narcotics traffic, that you are the most sacred symbol of creation and life, holy gift to mankind by the makers of the world, possessor of the gift of speech, fertility and support of material life.

Today, MAMA COCA, it is time to tell the world that with your help we have been able to resist centuries of exploitation and seclusion, that have given us the possibility to resist; consolation in our sorrows; material shelter and spiritual hope that you are, MAMA COCA, for the indigenous peoples of America; foundation of our spiritualility and nourishment.

Let this historical date, MAMA COCA, serve our brothers in the world so that they may know the truth of your presence, recognize your gifts and fear the consequences of your misuse.

Today, MAMA COCA, Floro Alberto Tunubalá was sworn in to the top political and administrative post in the Department of the Cauca in Colombia; our America attempts to awaken from 500 years of nightmares, imposition and death, and here, in this place, that brings to mind the invading power, we toast in unity, with the infusion of your spirit, those of us who love you, those of you who idealize you, those of us who know you, from here and there; whites, blacks, reds, blues, greens and yellows, in minga, comunally, for life, so that your spirit might purify this teritory and help us to understand your legacy to the holy wisemen Shammanes: "that he who has your leaves in his mouth suffers neither hunger nor thirst."

Popayán, enero 2 del 2001

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