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Gonzalo Uribe

The peoples that live the territorial processes described in this paper are those that have decided to stay to defend their dreams or, at least, to be buried with them. This is a difference which must be understood when speaking generically about the 350,000 inhabitants of the Putumayo or of the million or more that live in the Colombian Amazonía. These peoples are signaled out as a critical component in the war which is currently displacing them and leading them into diaspora. It is therefore comes as no surprise that one of the sections contemplated by the social investment component of the Plan Colombia addresses this sector of the population and the "need" to relocate them.

The historical processes suffered by these indigenous communities, and their continued efforts to adapt to new situations imposed on them by flows of immigration into their territories, have been complex and traumatic. Undoubtedly, one of the visible effects has been an intercultural dynamic which projects itself in a ¨ new amazonic culture ¨ whereby fixed parameters of indigenism, campesinización ("peasantization"), mestizaje ("marrying" with other communities) or colonization are left behind. Without disregarding their corresponding singularities, their origins or dreams and all of that which relates to their identity, it is necessary to consider the new inhabitants of the Amazonía within the context of their constant interrelation with each other, with their environment, and with the surrounding war; with their neighbors and the newcomers that have settled on their lands. It is only within this context that a way out may be found for the present, a way out where cultural identity is a deeply-considered variable and not just a matter of form.

This paper describes some of the processes related to the issue of territorial reorganization in the Colombian Amazon piedmont, as a result of dialogue among the communities that live there and those entities and organizations that have shown their interest in the future of the Amazonía.

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