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Drug Legalization Controversy in Colombia: President Samper and the United States (abstract)

Recent drug-legalization history in Colombia, its episodic debate, and the occasional initiatives to this end have one key actor —President Ernesto Samper Pizano (1994-1998)— and one basic point of reference, the government of the United States. Accordingly,  I will describe the chronological stages, and explain the conceptual evolution, covered  by the issue of drug legalization in  Colombia, identifying the significant role played by Ernesto Samper in  this controversy and highlighting the influence of the United States in the manner of dealing with the matter. Essentially, it is possible to affirm that, if at one point narcotics legalization acquired any relative momentum in Colombia with citizen Samper, today this debate is wholly closed due to the experience suffered by Colombia during his presidential term.

[complete paper (in Spanish)]

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