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Colombia, A Complex but Earthly Negotiation

Joaquin Villalobos[*]

Saint Anthony’s College, Oxford University, March 2000.

I. Introduction
II. Can more war be a sign of the end?
III. Can anybody win the war?
IV. Obstacles on the path to peace
V. The issue, main ideas, experiences and lessons


The following study attempts to explain, from a Latin American perspective, why the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) have become a much more offensive guerilla group during the past four years (1996-2000). It seeks to typify the nature of the FARC’s organic body and to point out the set of factors involved in the Colombian peace process which can be considered positive assets towards a negotiated outcome. It attempts an analysis of the correlation between the different forces on a military level and what their corresponding chances are, that which allows for an explanation of why the FARC combine negotiation with conflict escalation. It further shows some of the most significant obstacles to the peace process and concludes by focusing on what could be considered the gist of the negotiation process ¾closely tied to the consideration that the FARC is an army¾ and proposing some pointers on how to address the issue.

[*] Ex Commander of the Salvadoreña guerrilla

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