Pilot project for the substitution of coca crops

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More than 14 years ago, during the Caguán dialogues, the Central High Command of the FARC-EP made this proposal on crop substitution to the National Government, during the International Audiences. It's a pilot project to start illicit crop substitution in a town called Cartagena del Chairá, without using fumigations, violence or repression.

In spite of the positive responses from many countries and personalities, it has never been put into practice, which we consider unfortunate. Although years have passed by since then, it does offer a general idea of the FARC-EP's vision on drug-trafficking and on how the problem of illicit crops could be resolved in Colombia. Therefore, we publish the document on our website today.

Planning of mechanisms for crop substitution


Municipality of Cartagena del Chairá (Caquetá)

A FARC proposal to the three branches of power to cooperate with the replacement of illicit coca crops in Cartagena del Chairá during five years, through the creation of directing and participative mechanisms for the municipal population. The name of the project should rise from a general Assembly of the people interested in the substitution of crops.

Therefore, we require the three branches to leave the town of Cartagena del Chairá to create favorable conditions for the definitive eradication of coca cultivation in the entire municipality. To exercise the principle of authority, a leading command will be created with 5 comandantes, accompanied by 60 men, whose budget for sustenance will be determined by the parts without detriment of citizen's political and social activities.

March 10, 1999

The municipality of Cartagena del Chairá, Department of Caquetá, in the Republic of Colombia, with an area of 1.3161 million hectares and a population of 36,621 inhabitants, is offered as a pilot project for the implementation of a plan of crop substitution, using alternative methods of investment and social development, without repression nor violence for its inhabitants.

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