NGO Comunidad Tawantinsuyu (Perú), in collaboration with the University of Cauca – CICAFICULTURA Project (Colombia), Open Society Foundations (USA), the Research Centre Drugs and Human Rights-CIDDH (Perú),  the Observatory for Agriculture and Human Rights OCDI GLOBAL-INDEPAZ (Colombia) and MamaCoca (Colombia) are pleased to invite you to this year's version of the :


VII Coca Leaf International Forum 

“The Green Coca: Industrializing, Commerce and Well-Being 

for the Andean Community”



The VII FIHC is in a very complex international context that requires special attention. The post UNGASS[1]  (April 2016) scenario is not the best, even for the situation of the Coca Leaf. The Andean countries, despite the important UNASUR Political Declaration on Drug Policies have not made concrete progress.


The important initiative of the Bolivian Government in promoting regional trade in legal products of Coca unfortunately has not advanced. While Colombia, about to complete its peace process, restarts the use of glyphosate; this time by ground spraying.


The Government of Peru is deceived with the success of the Alternative[2]  Development Program in the case of VRAEM[3]  and Monzon. While producers of coca leaf are at bay by Decree 1241 which criminalizes the reseeding of the Coca Leaf.


This situation coupled with the recent enactment of the Extraterritorial Law to Combat Crime approved by President Obama, represents a new threat to sovereignty, showing the US unilateralism and may represent a very concrete threat against producers of coca leaf.


The VII FIHC to be held in Popayan - Colombia this coming August 11th-12th, proposes alternatives for the beneficial use of the Coca Leaf harvest, with current examples and precedents in Cauca dating back to the pre-Hispanic period.






A future is being designed where this plant may be seen as food, medicine and particularly, applied in Harm Reduction formulas for compulsive users of chemicals. Regulation and legal industrialization of the coca leaf is the only realistic alternative facing the indefinite continuation of current drug wars.


That is why we invite you to join the VII FIHC and disseminate this call with people like many of us, who believe that there are alternatives and ways to preserve the Coca Leaf and demonstrate that it is a natural resource and a means for the welfare of nations, as it has always been.



June 7th, 2016


Organizing Committee VII FIHC

Mary Ann Eddowes

Dora Troyano

Berenice Adrianzén

Mariel Cabezas





The Green Coca: Industrializing, Commerce and Well-Being

For the Andean Community

 August 11-12,  2016

DANN Monasterio Hotel – Popayán - Colombia




Thursday, August 11th

08:30 hrs            Registration

09:00 hrs            Welcome at the Front Patio of the DANN Monasterio Hotel

09:10 hrs            Ritual of Offering to Mother Earth

ü      Tayta Luis Yonda – Colombia

ü      Paq’o Willko Apaza,  Spiritual Guide Paq’o Panpa Mesayoq – Perú

09:40 hrs            Opening of the Industrialization Fair – Front Patio HDM

ü      Opening words by Lic. Mariel Cabezas Cornejo, Director NGO Comunidad Tawantinsuyu and Coordinator of the Industrialization Fair – Perú

ü      Visit Exhibit of products by the following participating countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Perú

10:00 hrs            LOS MONJES CONFERENCE ROOM-HDM: Opening Session

ü      Mrs. Mary Ann Eddowes Villarán, Chair of the Board NGO Comunidad Tawantinsuyu - Perú

ü      Dr. Javier Tobar, General Director CICAFICULTURA Project-Universidad del Cauca - Colombia

ü      Lic. Claudia Lorena Cruz Astudillo, Secretary of Sports and Culture, Municipality of Popayán – Colombia

ü      Dr. Diego García-Sayán, President of the Advisory Board Global Drug Policy Program -   Open Society Foundations – Perú

Presenter: Mrs. Dora Lucila Troyano Sánchez, Coordinator VII FIHC Popayán - Colombia

10:30 hrs            Opening Conference: Power and Well-Being – Past, Present and Future of the Coca Leaf

ü      Mrs. Maritza Villavicencio Fernández, Historian and Oracle Reader, Director NGO Comunidad Tawantinsuyu - Perú

11:00 hrs            Panelists: Traditional Perspective – Ancestral and Current Cultural Practice

ü      Tayta Luis Yonda – Colombia

ü      Paq’o Willko Apaza, Spiritual Guide Paq’o Panpa Mesayoq - Perú

11:30 hrs            Panelists:  Academic Perspective

ü      Dr. Fernando Salazar Ortuño, PhD Professor and Researcher IESE Universidad Mayor de San Simón de Cochabamba – Bolivia

ü      Mrs. Aura María Puyana Mutis, Sociologist and National Advisor Proindígena-GIZ – Colombia

ü      Lic. Estelina Quinatoa Cotacachi, Curator of the Archaeological Reserve, Ministry of Culture – Ecuador

Moderator: Dr. Javier Tobar, General Director CICAFICULTURA Project-Universidad del Cauca – Colombia

12:30 hrs            Questions & Answers

12:50 hrs            Break – Visit to the Industrialization Fair

15:00 hrs            Round Table: The Coca Leaf – Natural Resource and Integrative Health

ü      Psi. John Eddowes Villarán, Clinic Psychologist and Alternative Therapist – Perú

ü      Dr. Jorge Hurtado Gumucio, Psychiatrist Specialist on Drugs – Bolivia

ü      Dr. Raúl Mideros Morales, Professor Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar – Ecuador

Moderator:  Lic. Mariel Cabezas Cornejo, Director NGO Comunidad Tawantinsuyu - Perú

16:00 hrs            Questions & Answers

16:20 hrs            Round Table:  The Influence of the Media in our Perspective towards the Coca Leaf

ü      Mr. Manuel Andrés Saa Caicedo, Director Imprenta del Cauca SA y Diario El Nuevo Liberal – Colombia

ü      Mr. Juan Camilo Maldonado, Director of Contents & General Editor VICE - Colombia

Moderator:  Psi. Baldomero Cáceres Santa María, Social Psychologist - Perú

17:00 hrs            Questions & Answers

17:20 hrs            Presentation of the Strategy #CocaReguladaPazGarantizada (Regulated Coca Peace


ü      Mr. Felipe Cuervo Rojas, Director Acción Técnica Social – Colombia

17:35 hrs            Visit to the Industrialization Fair


Viernes 12 de Agosto

08:30 hrs            Visit to the Industrialization Fair

09:00 hrs            Conference: From Prehistory to Post Traffic – Coca from Cauca as an Andean Master Plant

ü      Sr. Anthony Henman, Anthropologist – United Kingdom

09:30 hrs            Round Table:  The Coca Leaf in Public Policies and Social Movements

Panelists:  Perspective of State Entities and Perception of the Coca Producers 

ü      Congresswoman Brígida Quiroga Ramos, Member of the Committe to Fight against Narcotraffic, Cámara de Diputados – Bolivia

ü      Dr. Javier Andrés Flórez Henao, Ex Director of Policies against Drugs, Ministry of Justice – Colombia

ü      Mr. Víctor Collazos, Representative of the Comité de Integración del Macizo Colombiano-CIMA – Colombia

10:15 hrs            Panelists:  Critical insights and future view of the Coca Leaf in public policies

ü      Mr. Ricardo Vargas, Drug Policies Researcher – Colombia

ü      Mr. Manuel Horacio Vásquez, Ph. D. History, Université de Nantes (France) and Professor Universidad del Tolima, Ibagué – Colombia

ü      Mr. Julian Wilches, Associate Researcher  Fundación Ideas para la Paz – FIP and Ex Director of Policies on Drugs, Ministerio de Justicia y del Derecho - Colombia

Moderator:  Mr. David Curtidor, Public Administrator, Coca Nasa – Colombia

10:45 hrs            Questions & Answers

11:05 hrs            Break – Visit to the Industrialization Fair

11:40 hrs            Conference:  Industrialization and a Licit Market for the Coca Leaf

ü      Lic. Mariel Cabezas Cornejo,  Director NGO Comunidad Tawantinsuyu – Perú

12:00 hrs            Panelists:

ü      Mrs. Fabiola Piñacué, Representative of COCANASA – Colombia

ü      Mrs. María del Socorro Anaya, Instructor Biotechnology SENA - Colombia

ü      Mr. David Restrepo, Advisor at Innovación DR Ltd Londres  – Colombia

Moderator: Mr. Alfredo Menacho, Gerente Manager Contakta - Perú

13:00 hrs            Questions & Answers

13:20 hrs            Break – Visit to the Industrialization Fair

15:00 hrs            Round Table: Challenges of Civil Society facing UNGASS 2016 Results

Panelists: A View from Civil Organizations

ü      Mrs. Graciela Touzé, Chair of the Board Intercambios Asociación Civil – Argentina

ü      Mrs. Pien Metaal, Representative Transnational Institute-TNI Drugs & Democracy– Holland

ü      Mr. Pedro José Arenas García, Director Observatorio de Cultivos y Cultivadores Declarados Ilícitos-  OCDI GLOBAL -INDEPAZ– Colombia

ü      Mr. Juan Carlos Garzón, Researcher Fundación Ideas para la Paz – Colombia

16:00 hrs            Panelists: A View from Consumers

ü      Mrs. María Mercedes Moreno, Representative MamaCoca – Colombia

ü      Mr. Dionicio Núñez Tangara, Coca Producer and Ex Viceminister of Coca –Bolivia

ü      Psi. Baldomero Cáceres Santa María, Social Psychologist– Perú

Moderator: Mr. Felipe Cuervo Rojas - Representative Acción Técnica Social

16:45 hrs            Break – Visit to the Industrialization Fair

17:30 hrs            Presentation of Conclusions of the VII FIHC and Declaration of Popayán

ü      Organizing Committe of the VII FIHC:

o        Mrs. Mary Ann Eddowes Villarán, Chair of the Board, NGO Comunidad Tawantinsuyu - Perú

o        Ms. Berenice Adrianzén Zegarra, Coordinator of the Conclusions Committee VII FIHC, ngo Comunidad Tawantinsuyu - Perú

18:00 hrs            Closing Session & Celebration



[1] Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly

[2] Called productive reconversion

[3] Valley of Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro