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     Ph.D., Economics, 1980, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

     M. Phil., Economics, 1971, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

     B.A. (hons), 1966, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


Current Activities

            Co-PI for DHS-funded study “Transnational Criminal Organizations, Terrorists and Illicit Radiological/Nuclear (RN) Materials: Exploring a Central American Nexus” 10/10-9/11 [$455,000]

            Founding president of the International Society of Drug Policy [3/07-]

            Chair, National Research Council Committee on the effects of increased border enforcement [4/2010-]

            Technical advisor to Drug Policy Monitoring Program, National Drug and Alcohol Research Center [Australia] 2004-

            Consulting: IMF, World Bank


Professional Experience



Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland, August 1993-present

Secondary appointment as professor in the Department of Criminology and             Criminal Justice.


Director, Program on the Economics of Crime and Justice Policy


Senior Economist, RAND Corporation



Editor of Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (journal of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management) 1999-2004


Senior Fellow, RAND, October 2000-September 2001

Visiting Fellow, Urban Institute, January 2000-July 2001


Co-Director, Drug Policy Research Center, RAND Corporation, 1989-1993.


Principal founder and director of foundation-supported multi-disciplinary research program covering entire range of drug policy issues from epidemiology to crop eradication.  I directed the activities of approximately 12 professionals; assisted in development of proposals and design of research, monitor progress, review manuscripts.  I also made numerous presentations to policy audiences and dealt with a national advisory board. In addition I directed a major study of drug policies in Western Europe.

Senior Economist, the RAND Corporation, 1981-1993


Principal Investigator and Co-P.I. on wide range of projects in areas of criminal and civil justice.  Studies include: the consequences of changes in corporate product liability doctrine; analysis of the impact of increased drug interdiction; examination of the sources and consequences of racketeering in legitimate industries.


Senior Research Fellow, Center for Research on Institutions and Social Policy, 1979-1981

Research Fellow, Policy Sciences Center, 1976-1979

Research Director, Commission on the Review of the National Policy toward Gambling, 1974-976.          

Research Associate, Twentieth Century Fund, 1972-1974

Teaching Fellow and Temporary Lecturer, School of Economics, University of New South        Wales, 1966-1968



Cannabis Policy: Moving Beyond Stalemate (2010) (Room, R., Fischer, B., Hall, W., Lenton, S. and P. Reuter) Oxford University Press [232 pages]

Drug Policy and the Public Good.(2010) Babor, T., Caulkins, J., Edwards, G., Foxcroft, D., Humphreys, K., Medina Mora, M., Obot, I., Rehm,J., Reuter, P., Room, R., Rossow, I. and J. Strang.  Oxford University Press. [324 pages] [winner of the British Medical Association prize for best public health book,  2010]

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Disorganized Crime:  The Economics of the Visible Hand , Cambridge, Mass.:  M.I.T. Press, 1983 (winner of Leslie Wilkins Award for outstanding study in criminology and criminal justice, 1984). [226 pages]




Monographs (major)

            [all externally reviewed]


An Assessment of Illiict Drug Policy in Australia (1985-2010): Themes and Trends Ritter, A., Lancaster, K., Gretch K. and Reuter; Drug Policy Modeling Program, Monograph #21, Sydney, Australia

Understanding the Demand for Drugs (Reuter, editor) National Academy of Sciences Press (2010) Report of a workshop chaired by Reuter

      Reducing Drug Trafficking Revenues and Violence in Mexico: Would Legalizing Marijuana in California Help? (2010) Kilmer, B., Caulkins,J. P., Bond, B. and Reuter

RAND Occasional Paper

Altered State?  Assessing marijuana legalization could affect marijuana consumption and public budgets in California [Kilmer, B., Caulkins, J., Pacula R., MacCoun, R. and Reuter] (2010) RAND Occasional Paper    

  Assessing the Operations of the Global Illicit Drug Markets, 1998-2007 Reuter and F. Trautmann (editors) Report for the European Commission.  (2009) [600 pages] Main Report authored by Reuter, as are two of the seven appendices.

 Assessment of Swiss Drug Policy 1998-2007 (Reuter with D. Schnoz) Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (2009)


An Analysis of UK Drug Policy (Reuter and A. Stevens) U.K. Drug Policy Commission 2007 [108 pages]

            An Analytic Assessment of U.S. Drug Policy (D. Boyum & P. Reuter) American Enterprise Institute (2005)  [125 pages]

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            Racketeering in Legitimate Industries: A Study in the Economics of Intimidation,  The RAND Corporation, 1987. R-3525-NIJ [pages xiii, 100]

            Designing Safer Products:  Corporate Responses to Product Liability Law and Regulation  (Eads, G. and P. Reuter), The RAND Corporation, R-3022-ICJ, 1984. [pages xvii, 160]


  Articles in Refereed Journals and Law Reviews & Book Chapters (R – refereed journal)

            MacCoun, R. and Reuter (forthcoming) “Assessing Drug Prohibition and its Alternatives: A Guide for Agnostics” Annual Review of Law and Social Sciences

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     Op-ed Articles:  


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      School of Public Policy:

            Research Methods (PhD students), Foundations of Social Policy, Policy Project for Social Policy, Policy Workshop

     Department of Criminology:

            Policy Analysis for the Criminal Justice System, Regulation of Vice and of Organized Crime, Policy Research Methods

University Service

            School of Public Policy

                        Chair, PhD Review Committee 2006

Chair Admissions Committee, 2001-2006

                        Chair Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1995-2000, 2004-2007

Chair of the PhD Committee, 1994-1999

Head of Social Policy specialization 1993-1997


                        Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1995

                        Graduate Committee 1999

                        Promotion and Tenure Appeals Committee 2007 (chair)


            Member, Executive Committee of the Maryland Population Research Center 2004-2008

Grants and Contracts (Selected: 1987-)

Assessing the scale and consequences of illicit flows from developing countries”  World Bank project [Principal Investigator: ca. $800,000] 1/109-6/30/2010


“Assessment of world drug markets and policies, 1998-2006” European Commission $725,000 [RAND Corporation/Trimbos Institute) 1/08-12/08


“Assessment of Swiss drug policy” Swiss Federal Bureau of Public Health ($85,000) 11/07-10-/08 “Assessing the crime effects of increased incarceration” National Institute of Justice, $67,000 April-Octrober 2006 (Shawn Bushway Co-PI)


“Within- and Cross-National Analyses of the Effects of Cannabis Depenalization” Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $400,000, July 2002-June 2004 (co-PI with Rosalie Pacula)


“Modeling the Impact of the Reductions in Afghistan Opiate Exports” Smith Richardson Foundation, Netherlands Ministry of Justice, European Commission, United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Offfice, $325,000, April 2002 –March 2004


“How Can the Federal Government Improve the Operation of the Safe and Drug Free Schools Act” (co-PI with Michael Timpane) $200,000; January 1999-September 1999, Department of Education


“Why Haven’t Drug Prices Risen with Tougher Enforcement?” (J. Caulkins, Co-P.I.) $260,000, September 1998-March 2000. National Institute of Justice


The Effect of Welfare Reform on Women with Substance Abuse Problems” (P. Ebener, Co-P.I.) $285,000 September 1997-January 2000. Smith-Richardson Foundation


Evaluation of Block Grant Formula for Substance Abuse and Mental Illness (M.A. Burnam, Co-P.I.) [contract]  $600,000, August 1993-March, 1994. Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. 


Continued support of the Drug Policy Research Center (M. A. Burnam, Co-P.I.) $2,050,000,  September 1992- August 1995. Ford Foundation. 


Pilot study of drug dealer careers and street drug market customer characteristics.  (R. MacCoun, Co-P.I.)  $100,000, December 1991-November 1992.  Rockefeller Foundation. 


Two conferences on comparison of U.S. and Western European drug policy experiences.  (M. Falco, Co-P.I.)  $60,000. September 1990-August 1992.  German Marshall Fund. 


Study of legal options for U.S. drug policy.  $1,000,000, February 1990-August 1993.  Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. 


Creation of the Drug Policy Research Center (Co-P.I. B. Williams). $1,500,000 Ford Foundation and $1,500,000 Weingart Foundation.  September 1989-August 1992. 


Study of street drug markets in Washington, D.C. $235,000, August 1987-June 1990.  Rockefeller Foundation. 


Invited Lectures and Seminars (Selected, 1995-)

Dutch Society of Criminology, keynote speaker, Leiden, July 1. 2010

College on Problems of Drug Dependence, invited speaker, Scottsdale Arizone, June 2010

Caleb Foote symposium, Boalt Hall Law School, Berkeley, CA. November 2009

Brazilian Commission on Drugs and Democracy, Rio de Janeiro, August 2009

International Conference on Anti-Terrorist Finance and Money Laundering, sponsore by AUSTRAC, Sydney, Australia, April 1, 2009

Sciences-Po “Drugs and Culture”, Paris, December 13, 2008

Institute for Social Research, “Festschrift for Ambros Uchtenhagen” Zuich, September 5, 2008

Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy, Rio de Janeiro, April 30, 2008

Utrecht School of Economics (money laundering), November, 2, 2007

            European Monitoring Center on Drugs and Drug Abuse, Lisbon, December 9, 2007

International Monetary Fund, Biennial Seminar on Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law, October 2006. 

49th International Conference on Alcohol and Addictions, Edinburgh, September, 2006

Conference on “Para-Politics”, Univesity of Melbourne, August, 2006

Austrian Bankers Association, Linz, June 2006

University of the Andes conference on Colombian drug policy, Bogota, October 2005

48th International Conference on Alcohol and Addictions (opening speech) Budapest, October, 2005

Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg, Germany, July 2005

Wilton Park (England) conference on drug policy, March 2005

Beckley Foundation Seminar on Drug Policy (lead speaker), House of Lords, London, October 2004

Arne Ryde seminar on Economics of Substance Abuse, University of Lund, Sweden, August 2004

Conference on Developments in Criminal Justice in China and the United States, Yangzhou, China, July 2004

Max Planck Institute Conference on European drug policy, Berlin, May 2004

Plenary Speaker, International Harm Reduction Conference, Melbourne, Australia, April 2004

TransNational Institute, Amsterdam, December 2003

Brazilian Society on Addiction, Sao Paolo, September 2003

Royal Society of Edinburgh, May 2003

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand March 2003

United Nations conference on modeling of drug control, Vienna, March 2003

United Nations conference on progress in international drug control, Mexico City, October, 2002

Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Laws, Freiburg, Germany, September 2002

First Annual Colloquium of the International Center for the Prevention of Crime (delivered principal address) Quebec, November 10, 2001

First Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology (plenary speaker) Lausanne, September 7, 2001

The Global Drugs Economy, British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London, June 25, 2001

Georgetown University Institute of Public Policy, Distinguished Speakers Series, February 2001

Stockholm University, Institute of Criminology, September 2000

New South Wales Drug Policy Summit (plenary speaker) Sydney, Australia, May 1999

Conference on Heroin Assisted Treatments, University of Bern, Switzerland, March 1999

First International Conference on Marijuana and Psychosis (keynote speaker) Melbourne, Australia, February 1999

Treatment Research Center, University of Pennsylvania, January 1999

Department of Economics, Sorbonne (University of Paris-I) May 1998

Fortunoff Lecture Series, New York University Law School, March 1998

Bedo lecturer, Sam Houston State University, April 1997

Perspectives on Crime and Justice, lecture series sponsored by the National Institute of Justice, February 1997

WG Hart Lectures, Queen Mary College, London, November  1996

Drug Abuse Research Center, UCLA, September 1996

Opening plenary speech, 7th International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harms, Hobart (Australia) March 1996

             Addiction Research Foundation, Toronto, Canada, October 1995

             National Addictions Center, Institute for Psychiatry, London, January 1995


  Other Professional Activities


Fellow, College on Problems of Drug Dependence 2000-

Fellow, American Society of Criminology, 2008-  

Founding president of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy


Boards and Panels

Technical Advisory Panel for the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 1999-

Inter Agency Task Force on Methamphetamine (appointed by the Attorney General) 1998-2000

Office of National Drug Control Policy, Committee on Data, Research and Evaluation 1996-2002

 Advisory Panel for Drug Evaluation Network System, 1998-1999       

Task Force on International Drug Policy, Council on Foreign Relations, 1996

            Board of Directors, College on Problems of Drug Dependence, 1994-1998

            Advisory Committee to

the Standing Committee on Substance Abuse, American Bar Association 1997-

Trustee, Federation of American Scientists Fund, 1994-2001

National Academy of Sciences

National Associate of the NAS (lifetime appointment) since 2005

Member, Institute of Medicine Committee on Federal Regulation of Methadone programs; 1993-1994

            Committee on Law and Justice, National Research Council, April 1997-July 2002

            Institute of Medicine Committee to Assess the Science Base for Smoking Harm Reduction 1999-2000

            Committee on Improving Data and Research on Firearms, National Research Council, 2001-2004

            Chair, workshop on transnational organized crime, 1998

            Chair, workshop on understanding the demand for drugs, 2007-2010

            Chair: Committee on the effects of increased border enforcement

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management

            Executive Committee (ex officio) 1999-2004

            Program Committee 2001-2003

            Chair (and principal author of report) ad hoc committee on the future of the fall conference 2003

            Policy Council 2006-

     American Society of Criminology

            Program Committee (various years)

Nominating Committee (2003)

Vollmer Prize Committee (chair) 2006

            Nominating Committee 2007


Executive Director, Joint Legislative-Executive Task Force on Commercial Gaming in Maryland, July-December 1995


Member, Clinton-Gore transition team for Department of Justice: one of two person team that prepared transition book on the Drug Enforcement Administration.  December 1992.


Editorial Boards

     Associate Editor, Justice Quarterly,  1986-1989

     Editorial Advisory Board Addiction Abstracts 1993-

     Assistant Editor Addiction 1995-

     Editorial Board Trans National Organized Crime 1995-   

     Editorial Board J. Gambling Studies 1997-

     Editorial Board  J. Policy Analysis and Management 1997-1999; 2004-2009

     Senior Editor Criminology and Public Policy 2000-

      Editorial Board, Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2000-


     Member, Review Panels for National Institute of Justice

     Member, Ad hoc review committees for American Statistical Association

     Referee, National Science Foundation proposals


     Member, Scientific Advisory Group, Corporation Against Drug Abuse,  1989-1993


       Congressional Testimony: 

       Senate Armed Services Committee, Senate International Narcotics Caucus (twice), Senate Judiciary Committee, House Government Operations Committee (twice), House Foreign Affairs Committee (Western Hemisphere Subcommittee), House Judiciary Committee (Crime Subcommittee), House Judiciary Committee (Drugs Subcommittee) House Appropriations Committee (Subcommittee on Treasury, Postal Service and General Government), House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight (International Affairs Subcommittee), House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight (Domestic Policy Subcommitee; twice); House Ways and Means Committee (Human Resources Subcommittee), Joint Economic Committee


     Referee for journals:  

Addiction; American J. Public Health; Criminology; Contemporary Drug Problems, Crime and Justice; Crominology, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Drug and Alcohol Review, European Law and Economic ReviewJ. Criminal Law and Criminology; J. Law, Economics and Organization; J. Drug Issues; J.  Research in Crime and Delinquency; Milbank Fund Quarterly; J. Policy Analysis and Management; J. American Statistical Association; Justice Quarterly, Management Sciences; Milbank Quarterly, Science, Social Forces; SocioEconomic Planning Sciences, World Politics.


Other Activities

     Guest Scholar, Brookings Institution, 1980-1981

     Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Maryland, 1983

     Adjunct Professor, School of Justice, American University, 1986

     Faculty member, Executive Program "Merging Agency Perspectives on Drug Policy"            Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, Mass. June 1999 and July 2000        

    Sabbatical leave at World Bank, 10/07-6/08


 Consulting (Selected)

      New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, 1985-1986

      New York Organized Crime Task Force, 1986-1987

      General Accounting Office, 1987, 1992

      Office Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Policy, 1988

      United Nations Drug Control Program, 1994

      British Department of Health, 1994

      Premier’s Advisory Commission on Drug Policy (Victoria, Australia), 1996

      National Gambling Impact Study Commission (principal research consultant)           1997-1999

      Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Department of the Treasury, December 1999-June 2000

       World Bank, 2005-

      International Monetary Fund 2008


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